Sample Assessment of the MyMajors Private Label.

Complete the assessment to see the student experience and how we can help your students find their academic home on your campus. This is a basic setup without all of the customizations that an institution may elect to pursue on their own registration page.

After discussing the key student challenges and data needed for your team to assist students, we will customize the registration below and recommend only your specific majors and degree programs. Students will also be connected to career information, links to department pages, and resources on campus for students to learn more.

The Private Label is a knowledge-based algorithm developed to match students to their best fit major based on these key indicators:
  • Aptitude: Key indicator for future success and ability (Grades, Test Scores, GPA, AP Courses)
  • Interests: Understand your strengths and weaknesses (Course Enjoyment, Extra-Curricular, Work Preferences, Values)

  • Questions: Reach out if you'd like to learn more or to see client case studies, email or call 816-361-0616.